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Accesibility Policies

When the Web site of CESGA Foundation was constructed, a series of measures was adopted with the objective of improving accessiblity. Associated advantages of these measures include:

  • facilitating access to users, independent of their physical location or environment,
  • permitting access with different agents of the user,
  • including clear contents that are well structured, and
  • improving navigation and the Web experience of the user.

The following measures have been adopted:

  • use of CSS for the presentation of information,
  • alternative text associated with the images,
  • details of the function or the destination of the hyperlinks  provided, and
  • use of the  W3C standards.

Accordance with standard requirements

The pages of this Web site meet the standards of the  AA according to Norm UNE139803:2004 as well as the Guidelines of Accessibility for the Contained Web 1.0 of the  W3C.