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CESGA's research activity  is focused on Computational Science with the aim of contributing significantly to advances in two main areas of interest:

  1. Technologies for High Performance Computing (HPC) and e-Science: New mathematical algorithms, parallelization and new programming languages, e-science portals, Cloud computing for HPC, monitoring and accounting for current and next generation supercomputers and applications, and to foster e-science.
  2. Computational solutions for several strategic areas of science and technology, with great impact in the region such as:
    • Nanotechnology, New Materials, and Industrial Processes
    • Life and Health Sciences. Development of new solutions for Health which demand high performance computing capacity such as new models for remote radiotherapy or processing medical images to generate useful information for diagnosis.
    • Ocean Sciences. Operational solutions for modelling, simulation, and forecast of physical parameters of the Spanish and Galician coast in close collaboration with other institutions. Special designed portals for the Oceanographic community and the use of GIS and other data servers to share oceanographic data.

Its activity is focused on the generation of new solutions for open problems in the selected areas, creating strong relationships with the research centres in the surrounding geographical area, with the academic institutions in the region, and with the Technology Centres. CESGA also promotes the internationalization of research in these areas, making special efforts in the collaboration with other Research Centres  of  Excellence in Computational Science in Europe and Latin America. Finally, other sub-units of the Centre focus their research, development, and innovation on the adoption of new and existing computational solutions, promoting them in the world market, transferring the results to society, applying new technological solutions to the supercomputing infrastructure, solving bottlenecks and barriers for the deployment of technical computing, and validating supercomputing solutions in real cases.