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Nanotechnology is the field of applied sciences that is dedicated to the control and manipulation of material on a scale of less than one micrometer, that is to say, at the level of atoms and molecules. Fundamentally, it is a multidisciplinary science that requires knowledge in diverse scientific areas such as physics, materials science, supramolecular chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering, biology, mathematics, etc. CESGA's research in this field is mainly related to the computational science as applied to condensed matter.

Condensed matter physics is the branch of physics that studies condensed phases of matter such as solids and liquids. In order to describe the properties of these phases, it is often necessary to use quantum physics, for example, electrons in solids form a strongly interacting system of many quantum particles. Due to its underlying quantum nature, some condensed matter phases have exotic properties with no analogue in classical physics that rules our everyday experience. Magnetism, superconductivity, or superfluidity are manifestations of this fact. Unfortunately, these quantum phases are extremely complex and we often lack the mathematical tools necessary to solve the equations that govern their behaviour. CESGA's research in this area focuses on studying mathematical models for quantum phases using high performance computers, as well as on implementing new numerical algorithms to treat them.