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In the area of Ocean Sciences, Computational Science applications are numerous and varied as corresponds to a discipline with a wide range of objectives that include climactic change as well as the social economy of fishing, including aquaculture, or the study of marine ecosystems.

Oceanographic models can be used to study the following issues:

  • Forecast: Computational Science models can be used to forecast the physical variables (temperature, salinity, velocity - i.e., currents -) of the ocean which can be used to predict other results such as biological data.
  • Climatic Change: Evidence of climatic change in marine and land ecosystems, the study of their impact, and the development of plans of adaptation.
  • Contamination: Contamination originated by human activity (maritime transportation, industrial activities, urban waste, etc.), or by episodes of toxic phytoplankton.
  • Other economic areas: Fisheries, aquaculture, seafood, energy, etc

CESGA research is focused on collaboration with other institutions such as IEO, Meteogalicia, or Puertos del Estado (i.e.: Spanish Ports, within the Ministry of Public Works and Transport), and LABSIS in the operational execution of oceanographic models and the adaptation of Oceanographic applications as ROMS. We also develop portals for the research community.