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1. Description of the service

The purpose of this service is to allow users to enter the field of Big Data technologies in a simple way, through Hadoop, one of the most widespread platforms in this field.

Apache Hadoop is an open source software widely used to store and process large volumes of data in parallel within the Big Data paradigm. The two main components of Apache Hadoop on which all the others are deployed are: a parallel file system (HDFS) where the data to be analyzed is stored and a job manager (YARN) that distributes the applications among the available nodes. Above these two components there are different APIs with which to develop the applications. Currently, the most widespread programming API is Spark, which has been gradually replacing the original MapReduce API thanks to its performance improvements and its simplicity of use.

The service allows you to easily launch jobs using Spark, Hive, Impala, MapReduce, HBase or Kafka.

For more details on how to use the service, consult the portal:

2. Sign up

This service is available for institutions of the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centers, R+D departments of institutions and/or public or private companies, institutions and / or companies that participate in R + D + i activities with CESGA , as long as they meet the membership criteria.

3. Pricing

This service has an approximate cost of 0.10 € per hour of CPU. The final cost can vary depending on the amount of CPU/cores used and the amount of technical support required. The researchers from CSCI and Galician Universities will be able to use the service at no cost.

4. Usage Policies

The acceptable use policy that every user of the service must comply with is accessible through the following link:

For more details on how to use the service, please consult the BD|CESGA portal where you will find additional information as well as guides for using the different tools: