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  • Soporte DesarrolloService Description

The service of Development Support is defined to support the development of user software. The service includes help and collaboration with programming in different languages, optimisation of the existing code as well as assistance with the implementation of solutions that combine different computational technologies.

This service is carried out through the development of projects of a maximum of 4 months of close collaboration with the user and is originated by a service request.


  • Service Application

Companies and private institutions, can access this service by contacting:

Technological transfer - Teléfono Telephone: 981 569810 - Ext.: 818 email/

Researchers from the Galician University System (SUG) or to CSIC, or to participate in R+D+I activities with CESGA.
In order to request this service, please fill in the following form.

  • Fees

The service  is free for members of the Galician University System (SUG) or of CSIC.

  • Usage policy

In order to grant the service, it is indispensable that the user accepts the responsibility to report all the publications derived from the solution developed in the project during the 2 years following completion, as well as to include in them the corresponding appreciation to CESGA. Likewise, any publication directly derived from the development of the solution must include the technicians involved in the project as authors.

Use policies with private companies and institutions will be established by contract.