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  • Service description

The IP address is the unique identifier given to the equipment that are present on the Internet. Without these addresses, the equipment cannot communicate with each other. There are two types of IP addresses, the ones presently used by the majority, IPv4, and the new Internet routing protocol: IPv6. The number 4 or 6 identifies the protocol version.

From the beginning, CESGA has managed and assigned IPv4 addressing and, for many years, does so assigning IPv6 IP ranges to the affiliated institutions. IPv4 addressing is assigned on demand to newly affiliated centres or to those centres that, for justified reasons, need to increase their ranges of public addressing.

At a global level, the availability of IPv4 addresses is already scarce. Because of this, diverse public organisms involved are promoting the adoption of IPv6 address ranges and CESGA, being a part of this effort, offers IPv6 addressing to affiliated centres as this technology is supported on the network core.

In relation to the old IPv4 addressing, it will be assigned in accordance with needs, avoiding the hoarding of IP ranges. Users should design their networks with the objective of using the least possible public addressing. Any allocation will be valid while the original criterion expressed in the request is maintained.

Any affiliated centre connected to RECETGA has IPv4 addressing assigned directly by CESGA or requested by the particular user. In addition, affiliated centres can request IPv6 addressing for the migration of their own infrastructures to use the new protocol. The assigned routing prefixes will be provided the same services by RECETGA for the Ipv4 protocol (multicast, routing, filtering, etc.).

  • Service request

This service is available for institutions of the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centres, R&D  departments of institutions and/or public or private companies; and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy adhesion criteria.

In order to request the service, the interested institution or company must complete the following  IPv6 service request form.

  • Prices

IPv6 support service is free for the centres/institutions affiliated with RECETGA.

  • Terms of use

The following link explains the acceptable usage policy of RECETGA and is binding for all affiliated institutions