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  • Service description 

Multicast transport technology allows the transmission of large amounts of information in an efficient way according to communication patterns between senders and receivers following the schema of one-to-many and many-to-many, saving valuable network and system resources. 
RECETGA is one of the pioneer networks to offer multicast service, being supported natively on the network for many years on all of the core routers which means that traffic sent to multicast groups is recognised and handled in a suitable manner. 
Native multicast support is widely accepted and supported in a native manner on the research networks (NRENs) at an international level. Infrastructures like AccessGRID collaborative work environments or projects like Opera Oberta, in which real time transmissions of opera are transmitted from the "Liceo de Barcelona" to different universities in Spain, make use of multicast transport technology to broadcast intensive video flows to a large number of recipients/participants.

A Centre with enabled multicast support will be able to broadcast to multicast groups with regional or international scope, as well as receive multicast flows from sources located at different points of the research networks. Those centres that do not have enabled multicast support must use multicast-unicast bridges with the penalty that this implies regarding the use of network and CPU resources of the involved equipment.
Multicast support is subject to additional technical requirements of the affiliated institutions for which the availability of the service, or the improvements necessary for access, must be technically evaluated in each case.

  • Service request

This service is available for institutions of the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centres, R&D  departments of institutions and/or public or private companies; and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D&i activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy adhesion criteria.

The requirements to access the multicast service are:

  1. the institution must be affiliated with RECETGA,
  2. the institution must have an IP connection to RECETGA, and
  3. in case that  the institution has a direct connection to RECETGA, ensure that the access operator  (ISP) supports unlimited multicast traffic transport.
In order to request the service, the interested institution or company must complete the following multicast  service support form.
  • Prices

Multicast service is free for centres/institutions that are affiliated with RECETGA.

  • Terms of use

The following link describes the acceptable use policy of RECETGA that is binding for all affiliated institutions.