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  • Service description

The virtual private network service facilitates institutions the possibility to obtain point-to-point or multipoint-multipoint connectivity with capacity ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps giving layer 2 visibility among different sites, enabling institutions to link geographically disperse headquarters enabling closer collaboration among  distant departments or partners of a project in a transparent way.(*).

The indicated circuits and/or networks provide  guaranteed capacity and performance at a very low cost since they benefit from a common infrastructure, although they appear to the user as dedicated networks satisfying their needs. 

The technology involved in the deployment of a particular instance of the service depends on the access technologies of the applicant centre and on the requested capacity, therefore it can rely on reserved circuits over MPLS, switched layer 2 ethernet transport, or 10 Gbps lambdas dedicated to a particular experiment or institution. 

The geographic scope of the virtual private network is not limited to the Galician borders but it can be extended to the Spanish NREN (National Research Network)  and even to other European NRENs, its approval being dependent on the acceptable use policy of the networks and institutions involved. In the case connectivity among sites is required beyond Galician borders, the other organizations and institutions involved are responsible for the creation of the links on behalf of a specific user.

An example of a deployment using this service is the one performed for PASITO's project, consisting of the deployment of a parallel network to the production network for the development of communication technologies experimentation testbeds. For this particular project, the Spanish regional research networks and the national research network (RedIris) collaborated to link the sites participating in the project (CESGA, University of Vigo, CESCA, I2BASK, Autonomous University of Madrid, etc) located at different geographical points by means of virtual private network service. This research network corresponds to FEDERICA at  the European level. Analogous experiences have been accomplished  for the interconnection of sites for the realization of joint experiences by means of dedicated circuits as the one for the interconnection of CESGA with the Castilla y Leon Supercomputing Centre for the deployment of a shared Cloud technologies testbed.  

  • Service request:

This service is available for institutions of the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centres, R&D  departments of institutions and/or public or private companies; and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D&i activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy adhesion criteria.

In order to accomplish the service request, the interested institution or company must fill in the following:  virtual private network service form.

  • Prices

Each particular case will be analysed indicating technical feasibility and costs.

  • Terms of use

In the following link, the acceptable use policy of RECETGA is described and it is binding for all affiliated institutions.

(*) Conditioned by the policies of the involved institutions.