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Icono ElearningThe area of e-learning of CESGA works mainly on research projects related with the new technologies and the different processes of education and learning, the promotion and diffusion of the Technologies of Information and Communications as applied to education in the field of the investigation, educational institutions, and society. This area was created in 1996, and since then, we have participated in more than 30 research and innovation projects. If you want more detail on this service, visit the  Projects section.

The services that CESGA offers to users in the field of e-learning and collaboration are listed below.


Design, implementation, and evaluation of  e-Learning projects.
These services are an classified, as follows:

  • Analysis of the initial requirements of the proposal.
  • Design of technological solutions adapted to these requirements.
  • Testing of the proposed solutions.
  • Follow-up and technical assistance in the project execution phase.

Technical solutions of e-learning

As technical institution, we provide analysis and deployment of the most adequate technical solutions for e-learning and blended learning proposals, providing expertise in this area. We also provide several in house resources such as:

1. A Learning Management System (LMS), "Aula CESGA"

2. Videoconference and advanced e-collaboration systems (Access Grid, online webminar, multiconferencing hardware...)

Personalised training on technologies and solutions of e-learning

Training courses and participation in education proposals. We participated and participate in several universities Master courses (University of Santiago de Compostela, University of Vigo, University of Coruña, University of Salamanca...) as well as with different teacher training organisations. 

Creation of didactic material

Rich multimedia materials for computing related learning, mainly for e-learning and blended learning proposals. These materials have been used in our projects, on site training or collaborations with other universities (Master courses, etc.)