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  • Service description

Imagen sesion colaborativaThe videoconference service provides access to collaboration infrastructure allowing several users located at geographically distant places to maintain communication in real time with visual, audio, and verbal interaction by means of the use of cameras, microphones, and other devices for the presentation of documents.

The videoconference equipment available at CESGA allows the conduct of high definition videoconferences (1080p) connected to large dimension screens.

The videoconference system also allows for data transmission by connecting a PC to the videoconference equipment for broadcast to the rest of the participants who have equipment enabled for this purpose.

The maximun number of participants is 4 for high quality definition.

If the user needs to conduct videoconferences with a large number of participants, it is possible to carry this out in standard definition for a maximum of 12 participants by using a multivideoconference system (MCU)..

(Optional) Perform streaming of the event or work session by Internet
(Optional) Perform recording of the event or work session for later visualisation by the user or leave it stored in a streaming server provided by CESGA.

  • Service request

This service is available for institutions that belong to the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centres, R&D departments of institutions and/or public or private companies, and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D&i activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy the adhesion criteria.

In order to request the service, the interested institution or company must complete the following Virtual web seminar or HD videconference service request form (select in the field Type: "Videoconferencia HD").  

  • Prices

The different  costs are show below

Type 1 videoconference (6-12 people) Type 2 videoconference (up to 50 people) Videoconference tipo 3: Multivideoconferece
(up to 50 people)
100 € first hour
50 € following hours
300 € first hour
100 € following hours
100 € connection first site first hour
60 € each additional site first hours
30 € per additional site, second and following hours

* The indicated prices do not include VAT.

The table reflects a reference cost for the virtual private server service. For each case, a specific offer will be provided according to user request and conditions depending on each particular project. 

Type 1 and 2 videoconferences mean a connection between 2 sites, while type3: Multiconference implies a connection among 3 or more sites.

Price includes technical support, tests, and renting of the room. Prices are based on IP connections. If a ISDN line is required, additional phone costs will be charged.

Policies of use

The general acceptable usage policies are described at the following link general acceptable use policy  and are binding for all contractors of this service.