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  •  Service description

Eduroam (abbreviation of education roaming) is the world-wide service for secure mobility developed for the academic and research community. The slogan Eduroam is: "open your laptop and you are connected".

The service provides students, researchers, and staff of the participant institutions with connectivity to Internet through their own campus when they visit other participant institutions.
During the last years, technologies related to mobile access services have grown in importance from the point of view of the telephone, but also from the point of view of access to telematic services that requires a wireless connection to a network. In addition to the problem of establishing a wireless connection to the network (which is purely technical), other problems arise that are related to the management of mobile connections and the management of users that roam between organisations.

¿What is Eduroam? (Source:

EDUROAM.ES  is an initiative included in the RedIRIS Eduroam project. The main goal is to coordinate the initiatives of diverse organisations at a national level in order to achieve a unique mobility space in Spain. This unique mobility space consists of an ample group of organisations that, on the basis of a use policy and a series of technical and functional requirements, allows these users to roam between organisations and provides them with the mobile services that they may need. The last goal is that when roaming users arrive at another organization, they have a virtual work environment with connection to the Internet, access to services and resources of her or his source organisation, as well as access to services and resources of the host organisation in the most transparent way possible. 

On the other hand, EDUROAM.ES it is part of the Eduroam initiative at an international level, funded by GEANT 3 and operated by several European research and academic networks and TERENA. This initiative expands the mobility space to the European academic envirronment ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿through Europe Eduroam, and builds bridges with Eduroam CanadaEduroam US, and Eduroam APAN (Asia and Pacific).

  • Service Request:

This service is available for institutions that belong to the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centres, R&D departments of institutions and/or public or private companies, and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy the adhesion criteria.
Eduroam service to end users (researchers and teachers) must be provided by the source institution for each user.

The adhesion of a Galician institution to the initiative should be established by completing the following Eduroam service request form. Once it is determined that the soliciting institution fulfills the adhesion criteria, CESGA will inform that institution of the media and configuration needed for it her to be integrated into the hierarchy of authentication used for the Eduroam service.

Coordination at the national level is provided by RedIRIS which, at the same time, is responsible for providing roaming at an international level through the radius hierarchy to which it is connected. Coordination at the regional level (Galicia) is provided by  CESGA that is responsible for notifying RedIRIS of the inclusion of new institutions under the Galician regional hierarchy.

For more information please visit CESGA Eduroam.

  • Prices

Eduroam service is free for all institutions participating in the initiative.

  • Policies of use

In the following link, the acceptable use policy is described and it is binding for all affiliated institutions.
In the following link, the acceptable use policy of RECETGA is described and it is binding for all affiliated institutions.