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  • Service description

Each division within a physical server is known as a virtual private server (VPS). Each one of these divisions is allocated with RAM memory, a CPU, a hard disk, and a network. Each physical server can host multiple virtual machines in these conditions. The user manages the virtual server as if it were a physical server and decides the programs that run on it. A virtual server guarantees part of the resources of a machine exclusively for it within a server shared with other users, approaching the concept of a dedicated server given that the rest of the users cannot consume the resources reserved for the first and vice versa.

This service considers the provision of a virtual server housed on CESGA's virtualization platforms. This type of service is oriented to users with a medium-high technical profile. As the server is not administered by CESGA, any operation required on the system besides those problems that may arise during the provision of the service will be charged for complete hours at established prices.

It is necessary to keep in mind that servers require periodic maintenance. Because of this, if the end user does not have the capacity and/or knowledge to do it on their own, then it is advisable that she/he should contract the support service or delegate the task to another person or company.

The hosting server will have automatic monitoring that will alert of possible problems in the case of loss of connectivity.

Server hosting service can be complemented with additional services (back-ups, detailed services monitoring, etc..)

The conditions included  in standard hosting are:

  1. redundant connectivity to RECETGA/RedIris/Internet,
  2. uninterrupted power supply,
  3. one public IP address/es for access to /from the Internet,
  4. external access by means of SSH,
  5. restricted physical access to the server,
  6. temperature and humidity controlled CPD,
  7. support technician during the installation (8h)
  • (Optional) perimeter firewall,
  • (Optional) back-up managed by CESGA, and/or
  • (Optional) detailed monitoring of services
  • Service request:

This service is available for institutions that belong to the Galician University System (SUG),CSIC centres, R&D departments of institutions and/or public orprivate companies, and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D&i activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy the adhesion criteria.

In order to request the service electronically, the interested institution or company must complete the following: "Form to request housing for physica/virtual server l" (Virtual Hosting").  

  • Prices

For each case, a specific offer will be provided according to user requests and special conditions regarding the particular project.

  • Policies of use

This service is governed by the general acceptable use policy of CESGA and is binding for all contractors of this service.