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SME Services

  • Servicios para Empresas

Annual report 2018

  • Anuario CESGA 2018


The User Support section is an accessible source of practical information related to the use of the different services.

  • The "Computing" section contains information about supported applications in the different computing systems, information about the utilisation of applications, manuals and user guides, the current state of the systems, and how to consult the FAQ. Those sections with restricted access can be consulted by making use of  your user e-mail for access to the machines and of the password used to connect to the same.
  • The "Communications" section permits the consultation of traffic statistics regarding access to RedIris, the national research network, as well as information concerning monitoring of the different equipment (in the case of requesting monitoring of a machine as a concept of housing/hosting) or assigned centres (in the case of a managing user from an institution connected to RECETGA).
  • In the "e-Learning and Collaboration" section,  information relative to the user guides and manuals for the different available collaboration platforms may be consulted.
  • The  "GIS" section provides disclosure information relative to the geographic information systems.

In addition, and for improved management of the available services, management links are provided below.

  • In the section, My tickets, you may open new queries or incidents of the different existing services as well as conduct a follow-up of queries in course, or verify those already resolved.
  • In the section, Training, one may consult CESGA's training offers or other announcements and/or courses that may be of interest in the field of CESGA's activities. The localisation and facilitation of materials of interest is also available.
  • In the Application Forms section, you have rapid access to request any CESGA's service as well as other forms of interest such as to request a visit to the Centre, to request access to the CPD for interventions, etc. Here, a user may also locate information relative to the policies of acceptable use of the Science and Technology Network of Galicia (RECETGA) as well as the computational services or other provisions.