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The computation room of CESGA (CPD) is a very delicate environment with mechanisms of access control including a biometric reader, automatic systems of fire extinction using HFC227 gas, precision climate-control systems (CRAC), network connectivity with RedIRIS, electrical supply support by means of SAI and diesel generator as well as other elements required to guarantee the operation of the servers and the other critical equipment installed. For this reason, procedures and norms should be established in order to guarantee the security of the CPD environment, and must be followed by any person that physically accesses the CPD.

Previous to request access to the CPD of CESGA, one must do the following:

  1. Read the rule of access to the CPD attached in the "Documents" section to the foot of this page, "Protocol of access to the CPD CESGA".
  2. Complete the application form for access to the CPD that found in the section, Application Forms, by selecting the option  "Others", in the  drop-down list, where one will have the option of sending by means of a DNI-e or the alternative of download a file (.Pdf) in order to complete the form and later return it via the postal service.